200 Club Winners for Feb

1st winner of £200 Lisa Sproat
2nd Winner of £150 Claire Price
3rd winner of £75 Andrea Jayne
4th winner of £50 Alison wild
5th Winner of £25 Danny Paget

Well done winners.

Your cash prizes will be ready for collection on Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday between 9am and 11am. Thank you.

If anyone would like to go on the waiting list for a number please email Pam@helpinghandsoph.co.uk

Its £5 per number per month. The draw takes place at 11am on the last Friday of the month.


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We have over 20 fabulous volunteers who selflessly give up their time each week to come and help, we have a team who organise the drivers routes and then pack up the hampers to suit each family. They make sure there is enough food to last at least 4 days per household, we base this on how many are in the family from single people to a family of 11.

Carol Kilgannon & Pamela Queeney, Club Chairman & Secretary